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 X 3D printer
      bobo官方网 X
      Industrial series 3D printer
      Industrial Series
      Desktop series 3D printer
      Desktop Series
      3D printing software on laptop


      Each factory on this map has transitioned to digital manufacturing powered by Markforged industrial 3D printers. The digital transformation has been so rapid it has made Markforged the 10th fastest growing technology company in North America*
      Find out why

      3D Printing bobo官方网 s

      From stainless steel to superalloys, Markforged offers a full suite of metal materials designed to help you manufacture complex parts affordably.
      Learn more

      3D print the parts you
      currently machine

      With Markforged industrial bob体育口碑 you can economically print with advanced materials including nylon, chopped carbon fiber, reinforced continuous fiber, and metal.
      See printers

      Applications throughout the product development cycle

      Integrate Markforged bob体育口碑 at all stages of the manufacturing process, from early prototypes to manufacturing tools to end-use parts.

      Fresh off the print bed

      Check out the latest Markforged news and information from across the web.

      Caldwell Manufacturing

      January 21, 2020
      Learn how global window and door hardware manufacturer Caldwell Manufacturing uses their metal and carbon fiber bob体育口碑 for both R&D and in-house tooling. With a bobo官方网 X and several carbon fiber bob体育口碑 , Caldwell has reduced turnover and increased profits with their Markforged bob体育口碑 .

      Markforged Announces Feature in BattleBots 2019 Season

      June 6, 2019
      Four Markforged bob体育口碑 will be featured on the 2019 season of BattleBots. As the only 3D printer company hosted by BattleBots during filming, Markforged produced more than 160 parts for 29 teams onsite – all within the two weeks of filming.

      Markforged Announces Blacksmith, an AI-Powered Software

      May 20, 2019
      Markforged announces Blacksmith — the first AI-powered software that makes manufacturing machines ‘aware’ so they can automatically adjust programming to ensure every part is produced as designed.
      Speed up time
      to market
      Markforged parts print up to 50x faster than traditional manufacturing methods.
      Improve supply
      chain efficiency
      Reduce your manufacturing downtime with on-demand production.
      Cut manufacturing costs
      Markforged parts are up to 20x lower cost compared to traditional manufacturing.

      Markforged bob体育口碑 help drive your competitive advantage

      Make your products faster, cheaper, and more efficiently by integrating 3D printing into your manufacturing workflow.

      Trusted by customers around the globe

      Ready to take the next step towards integrating additive manufacturing?
      Get a demo

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