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Automotive engineers looking at parts


Join industry leaders by investing in additive

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Drive efficient process, from Tier 3 suppliers to OEMs

Improve manufacturing agility at every stage of the vehicle life-cycle with an agile platform for digital parts fabrication. The value of 3D printing in automotive is remarkably scalable — from single part suppliers to industry-leading OEMs, all can directly benefit from implementing Markforged bob体育口碑 . Only Markforged can provide quality, durable materials of all types on a plug-and-play manufacturing platform.

Learn how RPG industries has used a bobo官方网 X System to 3D print replacement automotive parts from 3D scans.

Digital Forge for automotive

British-based Dunlop Systems & Components uses 3D printed Onyx parts for tooling throughout their enterprise — saving tens of thousands of pounds every year. Learn how Dunlop and over 100 other real-world manufacturers use the Markforged platform to solve real-world problems.

Photo of Dunlop facility
“There are parts we would not have even thought about doing and there are parts that we would not have been able to afford to do. Now we never say 'no, we can't do it,' we say 'yes we can. We’ll print it.'"
– Mark Statham, Production and Engineering Manager at Dunlop Systems and Components

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Learn how Dana Inc, a 115 year old Fortune 500 company, transformed their supply chain with 3D printing.