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A new way to fabricate composite and metal parts

Markforged 3D printing gives aerospace manufacturers a brand new method to fabricate with materials they already know: high performance composites and metal alloys. However, that’s where the similarities end — 3D printing fiber-reinforced and advanced metal parts is much more accessible than using conventional methods. Aerospace industry leaders are already adopting 3D printing to fabricate tools, fixtures, and prototypes — and Markforged is driving the definition of new standards and certifications to increase industry adoption, including end-use parts.

Drill templates are a common tool used across many industries in manufacturing and are heavily relied on in aerospace tooling. When a drilling operation has to be performed by hand, custom tooling needs to be developed to simplify the process and make it repeatable. A drill template tool makes a cumbersome drilling operation as simple as locating the tool and then drill the hole.

Digital Forge for aerospace

JJ Churchill trusts the precision and unmatched strength of Markforged’s fiber-reinforced Onyx material. Find out how JJC and over 100+ of the world’s top manufacturers use the Markforged platform to dream bigger and accomplish more.

3D printed tooling on table
Once we realized the directional strength properties available with the Markforged products, we haven’t used anything else.”
– Karan Singh, Manufacturing Engineer, JJ Churchill

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