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bobo官方网 X System

機能的な金属パーツを生産するために設計された、利用しやすいエンドツーエンドの金属 3D プリント ソリューション


The bobo官方网 X System is the most accessible way to fabricate complex metal parts in the widest variety of advanced metals.

Simple, Yet Powerful

The bobo官方网 X is the most intuitive, simple to use metal 3D printer available today. Print a wide range of materials from stainless steels to copper with minimal training on a closed workflow.

Safe and Affordable

The bobo官方网 X is designed to be safe to use and accessible for all fabricators. It costs 5-10 times less than DMLS metal 3D printing systems and requires no dedicated operator, no powder management system, and minimal PPE.

Best-In-Class Reliability

The bobo官方网 X is purpose-built for great part quality and a seamless user experience. Markforged combines best-in-class software, materials research, and an advanced motion system to deliver industrial-grade parts reliably.


設計から金属の機能パーツの制作まで 72 時間以内に完了。

Physical Dimensions

575 mm
奥行き 467 mm
高さ 1120 mm
重量 68 kg


300 mm
奥行き 220 mm
高さ 180 mm

Printer primary Specs

金属 FFF(熱溶解フィラメント製法)
Z 軸の分解性能
50~125 μm(焼結後)
クローズ・セル・インフィル(三角形)またはソリッド パーツ
プリント ベッド
加熱、自動レベリング、交換可能なプリント シート

Wash & Sinter


 image of Wash-1
609 x 685 x 1,067 mm
136 kg (300 lbs)
Washing Time:
12-72 hrs typical
Opteon SF-79
Working Volume:
356 x 254 x 203 mm


 image of Sinter-2
1,200 x 700 x 1,500 mm
350 kg (772 lbs)
Run Time:
17-31 hours
Sintering Volume:
18,356 cu cm
Peak Internal Temp.:
1,300° C / 2,372° F


セラミック — 焼結プロセス中に粉末になります

Media (Spools)


bobo官方网 X Printer

The Markforged bobo官方网 X is a new kind of metal printer. By printing metal powder bound in a plastic matrix, Markforged has become the first company to eliminate the safety risks associated with traditional metal bob体育口碑 . That means no loose powder, no lasers, and none of the traditional safety precautions. It’s safe to use in a shop environment with minimal facility upgrades.

In practice, the bobo官方网 X is essentially a very advanced FFF 3D printer. Featuring a precision machined gantry, a heated chamber and print bed, and advanced extrusion hardware, the bobo官方网 X is equipped to reliably print you durable parts. It is intentionally designed, with wear components and consumables — including print sheets, nozzles, and brushes — accessible and trivial to swap.


The Wash-1 is a solvent-based debinding system. It primarily uses Opteon SF-79, a high-performance fluid designed to offer superior cleaning power, higher efficiency, and safety in an environmentally sustainable way — Opeton SF-80 or Tergo bobo官方网 Cleaning Fluid can be substituted if needed.

The Wash-1 operates with simple ventilation and features an extremely simple user experience. It’s been tested and verified as a shop-safe system.

Sinter-2 and Sinter-1

The Markforged Sinter-2 and Sinter-1 are highly optimized tube furnaces used for sintering 3D printed metal parts. They provide best in class sintering reliability and run times and are equipped with advanced safety features. The Sinter-2 is more advanced than the Sinter-1 — featuring a larger working volume, more precise temperature control, and a mechanical door interlock.

The Sinter-1 and Sinter-2 typically have run times between 26 and 31 hours. However, the Sinter-2 can process small parts in express mode, where it can sinter up to 250g of parts in just 17 hours.


ステンレス鋼から銅まで、 丈夫で耐久性に優れた材料を幅広く取り揃えています。

設計したパーツのデザインをブラウザベースのソフトウェアにアップロードし、 対象の金属を選択するだけで 3D プリント可能。シンプルです。


3D プリント ソフトウェアが生産管理に対応

Eiger は、パーツの作成と管理のためのあらゆる作業に対応するソリューションです。チーム間でパーツを共同編集し、世界中のどこからでも 3D プリントを開始できます。



丈夫で低コストのパーツ制作が 48 時間以内で。

3D プリントの魔法