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Product development engineer looking at CAD

Product Development

Precision engineering at breakneck speeds

Imagine printing prototypes that look nearly identical to finished components — and just as strong. Additive methods make it possible not only to innovate faster but to make even bigger and bolder leaps forward in your product development cycle.

High-strength 3D printing

The capabilities of prototypes manufactured in Onyx reinforced with Continuous Carbon Fiber rival metal production parts at a fraction of the weight and cost.

Rapid iteration

Cut weeks out of your development cycle by manufacturing iterations in-house, overnight, and on-demand.

Unmatched design freedom

Print components with complex designs and unusual properties that would be impossible to conventional manufacturing methods.

Digital Forge for product development

Brooks specializes in fragile products that require high degrees of precision. The ability to 3D print continuous carbon fiber gave Brooks the ability to prototype nearly twice as fast — for nearly half the cost. Discover how Brooks and over 100 other industry leaders achieve impressive results with the Markforged platform.

3D printed fixture
We’re able to take prototype parts into a meeting and show what the finished parts may look like.”
– Jeff Cavins, Mechanical Engineer, Brooks Automation


  • Faster time to market
  • High-performance materials on demand
  • Parts for a fraction of the machined cost
  • Refine concepts through rapid iteration
  • Surface finish that rivals molded parts
  • Move directly to low-volume production


  • Structural components
  • Electronics enclosures and housings
  • Custom brackets and sensor mounts
  • Fully functional proof-of-concept prototypes


  • Amazon
  • Disney
  • Microsoft
  • Sonos
  • Google