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Federal and Defense

Join world leaders in adopting additive manufacturing

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Strong parts, anywhere, anytime

Markforged is an NCMS member that builds bob体育口碑 to enable government entities to fabricate robust, accurate parts when and where they are needed. The Digital Forge is the only on-demand parts platform built to go anywhere. Manage a secure distributed network of bob体育口碑 from anywhere with no need for skilled operators. Drive advancements in R&D and fabricate parts out of the most advanced composites and metals available to 3D print today.

Members of the Air Force 27th Special Operations Support Squadron Opposition Forces team invested in a Markforged X7 to embrace agile, point of need fabrication.

Drive Technological Advantages

Develop technical advantages with a comprehensive library of high-performance composites and alloys, all with an unprecedented grade of design freedom. Design new and novel systems that better help you lead on the global stage for the coming decades.

Secure Manufacturing Platform

Markforged is committed to offering the most secure additive manufacturing platform in existence. We are the only 3D printing OEM with ISO 27001 certification, and offer a platform capable of working offline, online, or on a secure intranet. With Markforged, you can embrace digital manufacturing without exposing your organization to risk.

Ready For Deployment

Turn supply chain into a competitive advantage with distributed manufacturing in the field. Eliminate the need for civilian maintenance contractors with a simple platform that anyone can operate. Support expeditionary overseas operations with MRO parts that can be directly printed at the point of need.

Watch an interview of our CTO David Benhaim by AFCEA International as a part of their SIGNAL Executive Video Series

Take the next step

Talk to an expert for a document that many of our customers are using to craft end of fiscal year budget requests (RFJR - Requirement Justification Funding Request). The whitepaper contains many of the details required to initiate a purchase request, including recommended bills of materials and market research.

Learn how the US Military utilized Markforged bob体育口碑 to overcome supply chain risks.

Why invest in Markforged bob体育口碑 ?

  • Rugged bob体育口碑 can work in a wide variety of adverse environments
  • Best-in-class security means your parts will stay safe
  • Access to cutting-edge composites and metal alloys

High-value federal applications

  • Replacement parts
  • Prototypes
  • Custom tooling

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