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Aerospace engineer working


Manufacturing the bleeding edge of performance

3D printed materials are meeting and beating challenges in the most extreme conditions on Earth — and above it. Discover how aerospace 3D printing can carry your operation to greater heights.

Lightweight materials

When aviation design demands top-of-the-line performance, 3D printed aircraft parts are the answer. bobo官方网 like Onyx incorporate Continuous Carbon Fiber reinforcement for unmatched strength-to-weight ratios.

Pinpoint accuracy

Manufacture to the tightest tolerances with absolute confidence. When pilots and passengers depend on accuracy, aerospace pioneers count on Markforged.

Overcome bottlenecks

Give your engineers and designers the freedom to design and innovate lightweight airframe components at supersonic speeds with lower wait times and faster prototyping.

Digital Forge for aerospace

JJ Churchill trusts the precision and unmatched strength of Markforged’s fiber-reinforced Onyx material. Find out how JJC and over 100+ of the world’s top manufacturers use the Markforged platform to dream bigger and accomplish more.

3D printed tooling on table
Once we realized the directional strength properties available with the Markforged products, we haven’t used anything else.”
– Karan Singh, Manufacturing Engineer, JJ Churchill


  • High-performance materials on demand
  • Distributed manufacturing at bases, airports, and maintenance depots
  • Parts where and when you need them
  • Rapid response for field repairs
  • Improve production with custom fixtures


  • Assembly tools and fixtures
  • Custom brackets and sensor mounts
  • Lightweight cabin components
  • Complex inspection fixtures
  • Tooling for aging aircraft repair


  • Airbus
  • Blue origin
  • Bae systems
  • Lufthansa
  • Nasa