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Digital Forge

The Digital Forge

Our platform takes you from design to part at the speed of software.

Smart bob体育口碑

Precision-designed and -constructed to create reliable, repeatable, production-quality parts — right now.

Industrial-grade materials

Print strong parts for a wide range of manufacturing applications using metals, composites, and continuous fibers.

Designed for simplicity

All you need to access your printers is a computer or tablet and a web browser. Printing your part is easier than sending an email.

One cohesive system

Powered by AI and the cloud, its components work together, scale, and get smarter as they’re used – while elegantly connecting to your existing workflow.

Built for today

The Digital Forge allows us to make parts faster, reduce lead time, know exactly when we can deliver, and go further with the design. And cost-wise, it was very much a no-brainer."
– Louis Croisetière Ph.D, Founder, Nieka Systems
Printing with the Digital Forge today

Designed for tomorrow

Being able to prototype and get finished products to market more quickly will keep us on the forefront of the industry."
– Adam Gosik-Wolfe, Shukla Medical
Printing with the Digital Forge tomorrow

Dive deeper

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